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Synergy Logo Usage and Guidelines

Thank you for using the Synergy logo and "S." To maintain the integrity of our brand, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Proportions: Always maintain the proportions of the logo and "S." Do not skew, stretch, or alter the aspect ratio.

  2. Logo Variations: We provide both horizontal and stacked versions of the logo. Choose the one that suits your design context.

  3. Logo Placement: Avoid placing the logo on top of busy backgrounds or using an outline that modifies its presentation.

  4. Combining "S" with Wordmark: When using the "S" with the Synergy wordmark, ensure the proportion and relationship match the provided files.

  5. File Formats: You can find the logo in both light and dark versions, along with vector (.eps) and raster (.png & .jpg) formats, in the zip file provided at this link.

Maintaining these guidelines ensures a consistent and strong representation of the Synergy brand. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our branding team.

To download, please click the below graphic: