Gray Road Bike Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels


  • Carbon Specific brake pads x 4
  • 2 sets (4 individual) brake pads
  • Ultra low heat retention, safe for all carbon wheels
  • Ultra low wear factor – very easy on your wheels, won’t wear out your braking surface.
  • Will fit Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM road bike brake shoes


  • GRAY non-adhesive matrix woven light weight PVC rim liners for road bikes.
    Set of two (2) rim liners for 700C wheel rims. Width 16 MM. Weight 14.9 grams (per rim liner).
  • Optimized for Presta valves but can be modified to fit Schrader by expanding the valve opening.
  • Protects tubes from spoke ends. Not recommended for use with tubeless rims.
  • Can be removed temporally for wheel repairs or spoke replacement.


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