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Synergy ambassador program

At Synergy Wetsuits, our mission is to help triathletes become the best athletes they can be with high-performance products with support from a brand that wants the best for our industry. We believe that the team members that compose our brand ambassador program are an essential part of making that happen. Our program is an exclusive membership for dedicated triathletes who have aspirations of success.

Synergy focuses on creating relationships within the triathlon community and hopes to inspire more people to join us in this sport and enjoy our products. Quality is our priority. Making our customers and brand ambassadors happy is our ultimate goal. We do that by working hard on our research and development, in order to produce the best products on the market. We are supporting brand ambassadors who have these commonalities with Synergy. The social influence and social media presence of our Brand Ambassadors plays a key role in our consideration for Elite Sponsorship or Brand Ambassador enrollment. We consider your dedication, stoke and discipline during your application process, as well as your goals and aspirations as an athlete, as we review your profile for this opportunity.

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who embody the lifestyle of a triathlete and are willing to share their knowledge about fitness, health and training with our current and future customers. We accept all avenues of triathletes, from beginners to committed triathletes and elite category as well.


  • Be passionate and committed to helping Synergy develop as a brand and enhance the value of our products, by providing feedback and content about the products you receive.
  • Be active on social media on a daily, weekly basis, engaging with your followers, talking up Synergy, showing off our products and being open about the way you train to inspire others.
  • We want you to be willing to share your tips and tricks about how to be a better triathlete each day to help others enjoy the passion you have for the sport.
  • Be happy to receive clothing in exchange for content creation while promoting our products on your virtual, real-life platforms and events.
    Post on social media showcasing the gear we send to you and new features on our products.
  • Have a good attitude and be willing to communicate with your Brand Ambassador team leader to openly discuss your opportunities, and share goals with us, so that we can help you achieve them.
  • Be happy to purchase clothing at a discounted rate to represent the brand and help with promotion.
  • Make at least one post a month on social media sharing your passion about our brand and clothing as you live your amazing lives.
  • We expect you to provide the feedback your Brand Ambassador team leader inquires about. We want to quote you on reviews, share your training advice and enhance our brand with your contribution.


  • Free products in exchange for content creation.
  • An Athlete Page on our website where you can promote yourself as a sponsored athlete and link to your products (if applicable).
  • Discounts on our products for your triathlete friends and family through your personalized coupon codes.
  • Exclusive first looks at new products before they launch.
  • Benefit from the opportunity to become part of our Research and Development team — a great resume builder for any triathlete.
    Include your input on new product development — you will be an active participant in making sure we have the best products on the market.
  • Get a chance to become a sponsored athlete, beyond an ambassador.
  • We will share our industry contacts with you and introduce you as a member of our team as long as it is a well-deserved recommendation.
  • Exclusive invitations to those Brand Ambassadors who qualify to be in our catalog for our 2022 product line.
  • We will help book you on different podcasts and promote you as a triathlete within the industry every chance we get.
  • Bragging Rights!
  • Additional Earning potential – Share your exclusive discount code with people who are connected to you, and when people use your code and buy, you’ll earn a (%) percentage of their total purchases for as long as you remain an ambassador of Synergy.
    Aspire to receive reimbursements on your event entry fees. Details in our agreement.