Synergy in its purest form is when two or more objects come together to become one, and the sum of those two objects is more amazing than when the objects were apart from each other. It is how Triathlon was and still is for me: The sum of swimming, biking and running rolled into one sport that is even more incredible than the three sports are on their own. I was 13 years old when I discovered triathlon. The sport had only been around a year or so and everything was fresh and new. It introduced runners and cyclists to swimming and vice versa. These athletes would most likely never have taken up those other sports if it hadn’t been for the fact that Triathlon was such an amazing combination. From that day in April, 1983, when I did my first triathlon, I was smitten with the sport. I poured my entire heart into triathlons, training insane hours and loving every moment of it. I grew up with triathlon, I met my wife at a triathlon, my best friends do triathlons and my most enjoyable memories are in one way or another connected to triathlons or training for them. It truly became a Synergy in my life. As I graduated into the pro ranks of triathlon, I had the good fortune of being sponsored by nearly every brand around at the time. It gave me a great insight into the products and culture of those brands, and it taught me lessons about what works and what doesn’t.
In the late 1990′s, I teamed up to create a brand named Orca. I built it into the largest triathlon brand in the US at the time. After leaving the brand 10 years later, I had learned some hard lessons about greed, lack of integrity, trust and honesty. I knew that I needed to create a new brand that was the antidote to the ruthlessness I had experienced with Orca. I needed to create a brand that was centered around pure principles of good, putting performance and quality first, and treating your customers as the family we already are. The name Synergy had been with me years before I started Orca, so it was like stepping into my old racing flats and toeing the line for the race I was always meant to do. So it was, and still is my mission to make this brand as pure as it’s names intention: To bring together ideas, designs, fabrics, science, testing, performance and a love for the sport, make amazing products offer unparalleled service and do things as if we lived in a perfect world. One day, long after I have gone to the great triathlon in the sky, it is my vision that Synergy will always stay true to its guiding principles: Pure intention, integrity, precision.Sincerely, Stefan Laursen | Synergy