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Terri Buryanov

My name is Terri Buryanov and I am a triathlete currently living in Las Vegas. I jumped into the world of endurance sports when I got my first bike in September 2017. I started slowly by doing a couple of bike races before some friends convinced me to do my first triathlon. That first triathlon was a miserable experience for me and I decided I would never do another one.

Then I signed up for a 70.3 for some reason and that race earned me a spot in the 2020 World Championships in New Zealand. I decided I would have to do another one so I became a self-proclaimed triathlete at that point.

We know how the story went with 2020, which would have been my first full season as a triathlete and then 2021 began slowly as well. During these past two years, I decided to continue training in a casual sort of way and I also began creating content for YouTube and other social media platforms.

So, currently, I am more of a content creator who dabbles in triathlon and come 2022, I’m hoping to finally be able to step up and show the world what I can do in the world of triathlon. BACK TO ALL ATHLETES