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Christian Diaz

Christian is a successful entrepreneur, creative leader, and dedicated athlete. His success has been fueled by unwavering grit and determination – Christian has never been satisfied with anything but delivering the best results for his clients, his loved-ones, and for himself.

To deliver the best for himself, Christian has spent his life staying active and healthy by playing and excelling at a variety of sports, especially football and baseball. His self-competitive spirit and life-long love for sports found a natural match in triathlon, with Christian first competing in 2021. In his first two triathlons, he finished #1 in age group twice.

When not training for future triathlons, you can find Christian at the beach, kitesurfing, playing with his dog Maui, or leading various projects for his company, SDLN Creative. Christian looks to continue his triathlon momentum in 2022 where he plans to compete against better competition and strive to be one of the best in the sport. BACK TO ALL ATHLETES