Wetsuit Technology


Synergy wetsuits are designed with the highest performance in mind. There are four main features to triathlon wetsuits that make an athlete swim faster, and they are listed here in order of importance:

Buoyancy-21. BUOYANCY – To find the world’s most buoyant smooth-skin for production of our Synergy wetsuits, we obtained samples from over 30 suppliers worldwide and cut each swatch to the exact same size. Each swatch of neoprene was placed into a tank of fresh water and weights were attached to see how much displacement each piece had before reaching neutral buoyancy. We were amazed to find that there were significant differences and we narrowed down the top performers in buoyancy.

Stretch-22. FLEXIBILITY – We wanted to find the most flexible smooth-skin that could stretch, while still maintaining complete return, and that at the same time would flex the most with the least load. We needed to find the material that “had it all.” Once we had this narrowed down, we went to the factory and negotiated Buoyancy exclusivity. We named it SyPrene™- SuperFlex. SyPrene™ has a elasticity return rate of whopping 680%, yet is more buoyant and durable than all others tested.

Wetsuit shoot 43923. SURFACE SMOOTHNESS – Maximum surface smoothness is derived by applying a very high quality Nano-SCS silicone coating to the rubber during the manufacturing process. This coating creates a high level of viscosity that reduces friction through the water to a minimum. Another important feature to surface smoothness in triathlon wetsuits is reduction of seams across the torso and glide panels. Synergy wetsuits are all designed with a long glide panel without cross seams for maximum smoothness.

Power_of_Stroke24. EFFECTIVE POWER OF THE STROKE – Creating an effective Power Panel on the inside, lower arm increases the distance per stroke, which increases speed. The panel is designed with both a buoyancy element as well as channel element that allows the swimmer to catch more water as he or she swims through the water. Unlike nearly every single other catch panel, the Synergy Power Panel is designed to have no negative impact during the glide phase of the stroke.

Synergy-Wetsuits5. CENTER OF BUOYANCY – Having the correct balance in the water is extremely important to reducing drag. By making Synergy wetsuits with long, 5mm glide panels that are ergonomically designed to buoy your torso, hips and thighs. The lower legs and upper torso are left with slightly less buoyancy to insure perfect natural balance.

Other important features that you will find in Synergy Triathlonwetsuits are unsurpassed durability, adjustability, and extremely low drag; form correcting panels (bio-align); balancing panels that assist your body’s proper position in the surf (AquaLift); the most powerful and effective forearm grip panel of any wetsuit available (Power Max panels); and an ergonomic heel cut, for easy entry and speedy exit of the suit. The inside lining is made from Super Stretch 4- way multi-stretch Lycra that maximizes flexibility, yet minimizes water absorption.