Wetsuit Repair

Fingernail Cut Repair 1Start with some neoprene glue and three basic household items.
a. Aqua-Seal Black Seal Cement 60mL (2fl.oz) tube (available at your wetsuit retailer or local dive shop)
b. Cotton Swab
c. Scissors
d. Household Cellophane Tape




Fingernail Cut Repair 2Clean and prep the surface in and around the fingernail cut. Make sure that the area in and around the fingernail cut is dry and clean. If dirty, use a warm damp rag to clean the surrounding area. Make sure that the area is completely dry before commencing with the next step.





synergy_triathlon_wetsuits_cuts_3Apply wetsuit glue to the fingernail cut with an applicator. By cutting off one end of a cotton swab, you’ve just make the perfect glue applicator. Lightly pinch the neoprene together as pictured, to open up the fingernail cut. Using the cotton swab, apply a small quantity of glue to the inside and outside edges of the cut. When you release the neoprene, some glue should ooze out. The secret to a good repair is to have a thin film of glue on the outside surface of the cut as well as inside.

Fingernail Cut Repair 4Make sure the cut remains together until the glue dries. Apply a small piece of cellophane tape perpendicularly across the cut. This will hold the two sides together until the glue dries. Ideally, you want to allow the glue to dry overnight, but a few hours will do. Once the glue is dry to the touch, gently peel the tape away. The tape will come off easily and at the same time, remove any excess glue on the surface. The cut has now been repaired, and you can use your suit as normal.