I achieved 869th place over 5800 athletes at The 2014 Challenge Roth!
Thanks Synergy!!!!
– Ado Romano

“Ordered from Australia my Synergy Endorphin Quick John received it in 4 days that included the weekend, great service. Had 2 swims in my suit & is as good as expected just what I needed easy to get in & out of thanks again.” – Heath

“As soon as I took this wet suit out of the box, I knew it was well-made. When I held it up I thought it looked just about perfect in size. I was right on both counts. It fits beautifully; it’s well-made, and it provided warmth and buoyancy when I wore it in a lake swim. A plus. Highly recommend.” – Jacquie

“I received mine a week ago and I already used it twice. This suit is a great buy. It is very flexible and comfortable to swim with. I am 5’9″ and 155lbs and I ordered size M1, it fits just great.” – Satisfied Customer

“I purchased this suit to aid in my swim for recreational triathlons. It’s a great suit that is both comfortable and very helpful with warmth and buoyancy. The staff and customer support is excellent! I would recommend and purchase again!” – Satisfied Customer

“Yesterday I spent 9 hours and 10 minutes circumnavigating an island in Washington State. This wetsuit was beyond comfortable! I came away with no chafing on the neck, arms or ankles, and I did not get cold despite the extended time I was in the water. (2 weeks prior, I was pulled off the same course due to mild hypothermia while wearing a VERY sub-par wetsuit). The price was excellent, the fit is great and it arrived on my doorstep in 3 days. I could not have asked for a better suit for the event or a better shopping/ordering experience!”I was “upgraded” from the ’12 version to the ’13 when I placed my order, I believe it is essentially the same suit other than coloring. First open water swim in it was last night, WOW. It was incredible. Buoyancy was amazing, helping to stay in the correct position in the water. And there was still great flexibility within the shoulders. I was blown away by the suit. I hope it holds up well but at a price of less than half of many other suits, I wouldn’t hesitate going through 2 of these before something else. Thank you for a great product at a great price.” – Chris

“The sleeveless wetsuit came packaged appropriately and was brand new. Also included a complementary pair of goggles and swim cap! Great fit and quality of materials and zipper.” – Satisfied Customer

“I’ve never swum in a wetsuit before and was pleasantly surprised. The fit was very snug but not uncomfortable. It took a few laps to get used to the tight neck, but then it was fine. Even being sleeveless, the wetsuit was pretty warm in the pool. There was no chafing over a 2000m swim. I cannot wait to use it in a triathlon. The suit seems to be well made. I would give it five stars, but have nothing to compare it to as this is my first wetsuit.” – Satisfied Customer

“I ordered my wetsuit online on a Tuesday evening and it arrived by the Friday. The fit is perfect and I am looking forward to my next race in my new wetsuit. It is certainly much more flexible than my old one. The goggles were a nice unexpected bonus too. I’ve only rated it 4 stars because I haven’t had a chance to swim in it yet.” – M.S.

“This was my first wet suit and only have had the chance to use once. The suit felt great! I also like the design the way that it looks. I was a little concerned about getting a full sleeved wet suit but after trying this suit, I am glad I went with the full suit. I was not bothered by any restriction; it was nice and stretchy. GOOD JOB!” – Dave

“First wetsuit, and it will be a hard one to beat- while some have said it is a suit that interferes with the roll with each stroke, I haven’t found any issues with that- fit is great, and service was amazing- would get this suit again. I’m very satisfied with the excellent service and product” – Jill

“A few months ago, I purchased a Synergy Hybrid wetsuit and I’ve been having a great triathlon season. At my first two triathlons, I’ve come out of the water with the leaders in my age group. The Synergy Hybrid has made the swim easier and that has allowed me to finish at the top of my age group.” – Terrance

“Just finished the 2.5 km swim in the Miyajima Triathlon in Hatsukaichi, Japan. I wore the Synergy endorphin suit and I have to say that I’m totally satisfied with its performance. I didn’t set the world on fire but a posting of 53 minutes isn’t bad for a 48 year old English teacher.” – Greg Allen

“This suit is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it!!! Super flexible, super buoyant, super nice! You cannot go wrong with this suit!!!! Two days shipping to Canada (Calgary)! That is the fastest I have ever had anything arrive here from the US! Thanks for great the service too!”– Abby

“Synergy not only provides high quality wetsuits, but the best customer service I have encountered in any retail. I was originally advised to buy an incorrect size and wetsuit model by a third party retailer (5’11”, 150lb, advised a W3 Hybrid). For those who do not know, too large of wetsuits can chafe your neck badly. I emailed Synergy customer service what happened because I wanted them to know that the third party retailer could possibly be hurting the company image. I had no intention of receiving compensation, but the customer service representative at Synergy asked me to send back the wetsuit, and they sent me the correct size and model for my body type. I cannot begin to thank Synergy enough, and I highly recommend their quality suits to all my friends that open water swim because they are fast, comfortable, and easy to take on and off! Thank you, Synergy!” – Satisfied Customer

“I love, love, love this wetsuit! I wanted to purchase a Synergy, but I took a risk ordering the Andrenaline size P3 even though my weight is about 7 lbs higher than their recommended range hoping the length would be a better fit. I’m 5′-5″. The risk paid off! This truly feels like a second skin! It moves with me with no restrictions and only a thin water layer. I’m very pleased with the product and SynergyWetsuits.com! I will definitely order from Synergy when I purchase a sleeveless!” – Satisfied Customer

“My husband and I started swimming in Coeur D’ Alene Lake in late May, when the water temperature was 55 degrees. Our Synergy Hybrid wetsuits keep us warm, buoyant AND allow for full range of motion in the arms/shoulders. We love them!”
– Runnergirl

“This is the first and only triathlon wet suit I’ve owned or worn. But I am so in love with it. I’m a newbie swimmer, in the pool my legs sink (and so do I). Put on the Hybrid and the bouyancy is amazing. My legs stay up, I float on the top of the water. It is SO MUCH more effortless to swim. I can glide more and worry less about sinking (although I will continue to work on that).When doing freestyle I can actually forget that I’m wearing it. My upper body has full range of motion.I did a ton of research on suits prior to purchase and set aside $600 to get a good suit. But in the end the Synergy Hybrid was the best suit at the best price. Highly recommend.” – S. Cousin

“This is the only wetsuit I have ever worn or tried on. I was a little worried to order something online without trying it on but I couldn’t be happier with this suit. I tried it for the first time on race day and I was very surprised how buoyant this made me. I had no chafing or red marks, neck line was very smooth and comfortable. I would recommend this suit to anyone.” – Carlos

“This is an excellent suit. The suit fit perfectly. Very flexible. Everything was as promised. Fast delivery too.” – Beth Morehouse

“This is a really wonderful suit. It is very flexible, fits like a glove, very buoyant and the quality is excellent!” – Doris

“I just got my suit today and I am very happy with how nice it looks and how great if feels on. I have yet to swim in it, but I felt I had to share this because I am so excited! Simply cant wait to hit the lake tomorrow. I have 2 weeks before my triathlon and I was worried about the swim, but with this puppy, I am beaming with confidence!!” – Sarah N.

“I absolutely LOVE my new Synergy Endorphin wetsuit! It fits like a glove and allows me to move easily through the water. SO glad I made this purchase!” – Satisfied Customer

“This is an amazing suit for a VERY low price. I did not expect this kind of value for this price!” – Harrison

“Synergy Adrenaline…..Love this wetsuit. Perfect suit for cool open water swims. When looking for a suit, I experienced system overload with all the reviews and new stuff out there. I chose Synergy for the company’s philosophy and great customer service, and the Adrenaline for its performance and quality. Don’t spend too much time looking for a new suit. Just order and get in the water. Also, if your on the fence for sizing….go with the smaller. I’m 5’10” – 170/175….M1 fits perfect!” – Steve

“MAN, this suit is fast! I took more than 2 minutes off my old 1000 yard PR using my Helix!!! I used to think that most wetsuits were pretty much the same, but the Adrenaline is definitely in its own class.” – Mac

“I have just received my suit and it only took 7 days to Australia. I am in between sizes and went for the smaller one. It is a bit tight but the bigger one would have been to big. This suit is amazing to swim in it just glides through the water. Next suit I get I will jump up to the Hybrid but that’s only because I want to see the difference and if this one is anything to go by it will be fantastic.” – Satisfied Customer

“I am very impressed with this suit. It arrived in Sydney only 4 days after I ordered it. Customer service responded to my emails within hours and answered all my questions. Sizing was perfect as per the chart. The suit is very flexible and buoyant. The neck is super comfortable. The suit looks great. I really couldn’t be any happier.” – Jamie H.

“The Synergy Endorphin is an excellent buy. Take it from me, I have owned just about every single brand of tri wetsuit out there. Never quite felt comfortable until now. This suit fits like a glove, very, very comfortable, very flexible (it did take a couple of swims to break it in, but that is normal). I am impressed with the quality and surprised by the great price.” – Harrold Lickheimer

“It’s been a long while since I purchased a good Tri specific wetsuit. I race enough to warrant a new one, but not so much that I needed to spend hundreds. Given the fantastic reputation, reviews, and bang for the buck of the Synergy brand, I started to see I could not go wrong with a Synergy Endorphin. But I was dead in the middle of two sizes, and calling customer service and working through the details was a huge help! That alone will keep me from purchasing anywhere else. My suit came fast, packaged well, and fits perfect so far. Knowing that SynergyWetsuits.com really paid attention to my needs, and had a top-notch warranty on top of it all, made it an fantastic experience. I’m sharing the Synergy name with everyone I race with. Keep up the great work and thanks again!” – Jake.

“I am very happy with this suit. It outperforms any other 200 dollar suit and is comparable to the 400+ suits. I am 6’0″ and 165 lb and it fits perfectly in a medium.” – Alan

“I bought this suit because SynergyWetsuits.com offered a 100% risk free purchase and I could even test it in the water (which to my knowledge no other site offers?). I tested the suit the same day it arrived and I am beyond impressed! This is one hell of a great suit. Quality from top to bottom!!! Best value I have ever seen! I compared it to my two TRI buddies’ suits and even though they paid way more for their B70 and Orca suits they were no match for the Endorphin.” – Alan Jones

“This is my first suit and I’m really glad I got it. I looked at a bunch of suits and settled on this one. It’s got all the features and then some. It’s well worth the dough.” – Johnny Brick

“I never write reviews. I mean never. So to actually write one really says something about this product. This is my first wetsuit and I only have just started getting involved in triathlons. It felt extremely smooth, soft, and it fit like a glove. Though I don’t have alot of experience in wetsuits, there is a reason that this product has so many 5 star reviews by alot of people. For the price vs. value, this is a no brainer. I spent 1/2 what I though I would spend. I am thankful I stumbled upon SynergyWetsuits.com.” – Alex K

“I just got my new Hybrid wetsuit and WOW, is it ever fast! I can’t believe how well it fits and how flexible it is. You guys were right – it’s like not even having a suit on, yet is unbelievably buoyant! Thank you for making swimming my favorite leg of the triathlon!” – Rob Brown, Texas

“I just got your tri-suit, and I had to write to you and let you know how impressed I am with the overall design and the neo-gel shammy. It’s like riding with the full cushion of a real bike short, but without the bulky feeling; and when you run, you don’t even feel it’s there. Thanks again!” – Paul Reagan

“We are really impressed with the quality of the suits and how well they stand up against wear and tear. So far, we haven’t had a single warranty or return, which is pretty unusual!” – Patty, WetsuitRentals.com

“The Syn-skin is the best swim-skin ever!” – Patrice Lemire

“The Endorphin entry level suit represents the best value in triathlon today. If you look at all the other suits priced around $200, you get garbage, but with the Endorphin you get quality.” – Satisfied Customer

“I raced in the tri-suit this past weekend and it began to rain halfway through the run. You were 100% right that the suit wasn’t see through when wet. Thank you and God bless!” – Donna Radkin

“You guys make solid, quality products. I will definitely be choosing your brands next time!” – Thorstein

“Got the suit as promised on Friday, raced in it Saturday and broke my personal best! Thank you! I will recommend Synergy to all my friends!” – Jack Maroni

“I just tried your Hybrid wetsuit and I wish I had done so a week ago, because now I need to sell my BS70 suit so I can get into yours.” – Cindy Thompson

“Thanks for switching me into a Synergy suit. It has made all the difference in the world!” – George Hudson

“The suit fit exactly as you said it would and I am amazed by how flexible it is. My first swim was so effortless that I nearly forgot I had one on.” – Thomas Colin

“Best wetsuit I have ever tried, and believe me, I have tried a lot!” – Andrew

“I love my Synergy Hybrid! Thank you guys for hooking me up at Clearwater World Champs! I had a PR swim!” – Dwayne Smith

“Possibly the best wetsuit I have ever worn.” – Spencer Smith, 2x ITU World Champ

“I am really impressed with my Synergy suit! So much better than the Zoot crap I was swimming in for the past 2 years and the Xterra 2 years before that!” – Steven.

“The Endorphin is very well constructed. Great design. You can see immediately that the suit is well thought through. Performs superbly in the water.” – Rich Marcus

“I have owned at least 8 different triathlon wetsuits of various brands and this is by far the best suit I have ever tried!” – John Olsen

“Totally happy with my new Synergy suit. I had an older version that I sold to friend and I am really happy to see the upgrades to the new model.” – Charles Taft

“I have never written a review before bit this suit deserves it! U simply CANNOT go wrong buying this suit. I had a $600 2xu suit before the endorphin and it is so inferior compared to the synergy suit. I just wanted to share that!” – John McNamara

“So my buddies have this suit and have been raving about it and I have to share that they were right. This suit is freakin’ awesome! Soft, light, flexible, bouyant and fits my perfectly! I didn’t know one could get such a great wetsuit at such a great price!” – Todd Herman

“First wetsuit and It fit like a glove, was loose in the shoulders and popped off easily in transition. Would absolutely recommend the suit, it shaved at least 2mins off my swim.” – Trevor

“I had a real challenging first triathlon with the swim leg without a wet suit due to my absence of buoyancy. After trying out my new Synergy Endorphin suit I am very much looking forward to the next event as this suit is very comfortable to swim in and does a great job keeping me on top of the water. Thanks!” – Satisfied Customer

“This is a very fast suit. It feels very comfortable on and comes off fast. It is flexible and has lots of lift and is overall the best suit that I have ever had.” – Charles Brian

“This was my first experience swimming in a wetsuit. I was concerned about range of motion, overall feeling of being restricted, how it would feel at the cuffs and ankles, how it would be to put on and take off — and I did not want to spend a lot because I’m a very amateur triathlete. This suit was perfect for me, addressed all those concerns in spades, and the price was beyond right.” – Satisfied Customer

“I don’t think I have ever written a review before, but I am just stunned at how good a value this suit is. I had not expected such a good suit for around $200. I guess I just really want to share that with anyone considering this suit. It is a perfect fit, very flexible, very buoyant and the quality and attention to detail is astounding! The people, who designed this suit really thought about every detail!” – John Barkendale

“I have been training in my Endorphin for several weeks now and have found the transition so simple. The wetsuit is an absolute pleasure, from the ease of putting it on, comfort, training, and the confidence for my upcoming event. I would like to acknowledge and thank your organization for such a quick delivery and providing an exceptional product. I look forward to my next purchase of triathlon apparel and informing my club members about your website. Keep up the good work!” – Paolo

“I am really impressed with this suit. I would have expected to pay a lot more for all these features and this quality.” – Ralph K.

“This suit is all I could have wanted it to be and then some.” – Satisfied Customer

“I have a problem with sinking legs and usually work extra hard to keep them to the surface, this suit is extremely buoyant to keep you level with the surface and yet flexible enough not to hinder your stroke. Great suit and terrific value!” – Neil

“This suit is unbelievably fast and flexible. I tried both the endorphin and the adrenaline models from Synergy. The Adrenaline won out because it has all the same features as the $700 top model,Hybrid, so for just $69 more it was a no brainer!” – Rick Lambert

“Just got my new Adrenaline and it is absolutely amazing! I have never had this flexible and soft and comfortable suit before. At first I was a little worried if the suit was going to rip easily, but after putting my nails to it, it seems incredibly tear resistant unlike the orca suit I had before!!! – Peter Sorenson

“I tested both the 2011 and the 2012 Adrenline and I found the 2012 version to be better because the neck is more tappered and the ankle cut opening is the best I have ever seen. My last suit was B70 and an Orca before that and they are crap compared to this one.” – Paul Thompson

“I just got my Adrenaline and I am soooo stoked!! This is by far the BEST suit I have ever had! I recommend this suit to ALL triathletes, who are serious about their race times! It is unbelievably flexible!!!! For what it’s worth, I thought about getting the 2010 version, but I think this years version looks way better.” – Scott Riess

“By far the best suit I have worn. I got it a few days ago and have had a chance to swim in it twice. I cant believe how much faster it is compared to my old B70 Helix. I read the reviews on Synergy on slow twitch and everyone seems so happy with their suits. Now I know why.” – Satisfied Customer

“This suit is amazingly flexible. It fit me perfectly (165 lbs and 5.9 in a size M1). It helped me get balanced in the water and cut my swim time over a mile by nearly 10 minutes compared to swimming without this wetsuit. I am super impressed and very happy with my new suit.” – Christopher M.

“I have to share that this suit is the fastest TRI wetsuit EVER! I am blown away by how flexible and buoyant it is and how well it fits. Easy to get into and out of.” – Jeremy Hunt

“This is a hell of a fast suit. I feel bad sharing this with potential competitors but the suit deserves a thumbs up. I don’t know why more pros aren’t using this suit because it is way faster than any high end suit that I have ever tried or owned.” – Eric H.

“This is the FASTEST suit I have EVER!!! tried! I PR’ed in my first swim and just won my first race ever using this suit!!! THANK YOU!!!!” – Ethan Kerry

“I am completely blown away by this suit. I got it about a week ago and decided right away to share my experience with anyone who would listen. The suit is so buoyant and flexible that I broke my PR twice in one week!!!” – Al Spencer

“I have never been able to really get on top of the water until now. Granted, I’ve been working on my technique more than ever but even in the pool I don’t get on top of the water like I do when I’m swimming open water. Great wetsuit! And it’s more than flexible enough for me.” – Satisfied Customer

“This suit is an amazingly good deal. The craftsmanship is evident throughout unlike the 2xu suit I had before, and the softness and flexibility of the material is outstanding. It fit me perfectly and the size chart was right on.” – Alex

“IT is very fast, very buoyant and very well fitting. No chafing in the neck and has a more flexible panel in the upper chest that comes in very handy!” – Brian Olson

“An excellent speed machine. I love it. Warm in the cold water and such a good fit, very little water gets inside so it stays warm. Now I have a suit with my arms free to swim in the water I find it much easier to move them.” – Barry Moore

“I have been looking for a suit that would fit a big guy like me. The Endorphin quick john was the ticket. It fits perfectly. Not too tight and still doesn’t let hardly any water in. Plenty warm too.” – Adam Grumann

“This suit is perfect for a sprint. I pr’ed in the swim the first time I used it and here in Florida it is perfect for all water conditions and temperatures. Great customer service too! Thanks guys!” – Marco Hernandez

“Great quality suit at a great price! It is super easy to get into and out of. I did a quick 100m swim test 3 times w my full suit and 3 times my new quick john and they are equally fast to me. The full suit is warmer but the quick john was plenty warm for San Diego this time a year!” – Brad

“This is seriously a terrific alternative to a full Triathlon suit. I didn’t want a full suit so I got the quick john and even here in Canada it is warm enough and really fast in the water and easy to get out of. I think it is a better alternative to a full suit in my opinion.” – Alistair Campbell

“I am blown away by how soft and comfortable this suit is! The neck is very thin and fits low above the collar bone. The arm holes are just the right size and the legs are just the right length. Everything is designed like a high performance triathlon suit, but with shorter legs. This makes it easier to get in and out during transition. High quality throughout!” – Heinrich Muller

“This suit is extremely flexible in the shoulders and under the arms. The float panel stretches from the middle chest down to the knees and wrapping around the sides. I think this is an excellent feature because I roll during my stroke and this insures total buoyancy! The heel cut is fast and the suit hardly lets any water in. I like it because the water here in Seattle is still cold this time a year and compared to my old suit, this suit is way warmer. I am really happy with this suit!” – Ben

“I got the TYR to compare with the Synergy and I cant believe what a difference! The Synergy suit was just so much more flexible and fit me perfectly. It was almost like not wearing anything around my shoulders and upper chest. Very impressed!” – Eric H.

“Service is excellent, best suit ever.. my full recommendation.” – Santos Antonetti

“I am amazed how buoyant it is and how flexible! I highly recommend this suit to anyone wanting high performance at an incredible price!” – Alex Johnson

“I got my suit a few days ago and I had to share my excitement, so here goes my first ever review: The suit is so buoyant that I am at least 2 -3 inches higher in the water when I swim. The arms are so flexible that there is zero restriction of movement. The suit is so comfortable that I think I may use it on bike this winter…Kidding aside, I am really impressed with this brand.” – Beth Calloway

“Very easy to get on. Incredibly comfortable and has great range of motion.” – Amanda

“Very impressed with this suit. Kept me nice and warm in the swim. I felt the added buoyancy and it wasn’t claustrophobic like a feared.” – Satisfied Customer

“I feel this suit was designed for me and I am beyond happy with it. I tried several other brands first, but they felt constrictive in the water. Once I got the Quick John from Synergy, everything felt just right. I am not a pro, so I am not going to review the features, I just want to share that it worked for me and that Synergy impressed me with their first class customer service.” – Genevieve

“Tested out my new sleeveless spring suit today in SF Bay. It was warm enough, easy to get in and out of, looks great on! Made plenty of friends wearing this! The price is just right too!” – Satisfied Customer

“I have a full wet suit which helped with positioning my body to swim better, technically. I have always had a high T1 time since the full suit is a pain to remove. I took a chance with this Quick John and was very surprised that it provided the same buoyancy, positioning my body in the correct areas to swim more efficiently, just like the full wetsuit. It is a cinch to remove as well. This has been my best tri purchase this year!” – Sue G.

“I started entering one mile open water swims 3 years ago. This August I will be competing in my first 2.4 mile swim across Lake Coeur D’ Alene in Idaho. Since I only owned a full length wet suit I was searching for a more appropriate suit for the warm swim. Firstly I was amazed it arrived in 2 days. Secondly it was so easy to get on & off. Thirdly it was perfect for me swimming in. It provides the buoyancy I was looking for as well as being really comfortable. It took my maybe half a mile of swimming to get used to how high my legs where in the water & how compressed my chest felt ( I’d been swimming in the lake with no wet suit & could take deeper breaths) but really it was exactly what I was looking for. Love it!” – Gez

“This suit is a perfect alternative to a full triathlon suit. It is easier to get into and out of. It is plenty fast and warm. I prefer it to my full suit and long john because it is easy, fast and flexible, and best of all the price is great! The quality of the suit is outstanding!!” – Angela Cook

“I have had a lot of suits in the past and this is definitely the best so far. It fits perfectly and it is designed so that one can use it for both swimming and other water sports. I am really happy with it.” – E.J. Manning

“I just received my Synergy Endorphin Shortie wetsuit and took it to the lake. I am 6 foot tall and weigh around 160 and have had such a hard time finding a wetsuit that is long enough and works for me. I love this suit. It fits perfectly and did not chafe anywhere. The buoyancy is amazing and I love the looks of it also. I highly recommend this wetsuit.” – Shelly

“I highly recommend and endorse the Synergy Endorphin Quick John Wetsuit for swimmers of all ages and swimming levels! I am an avid swimmer, and it is especially helpful in keeping me warm in the pool on a daily basis. It also provides efficiency in the ease in which it can be taken on and off quickly, which is not only ideal for frequent swimming, but also for transition time during triathlons. It is highly buoyant and doesn’t limit or restrict range of motion during swimming. The appealing graphics are yet another bonus to the wetsuit. I absolutely love the Synergy wetsuit and wouldn’t dream of swimming without it. I highly recommend it to all swimmers!” – Page Pressly

“This is a very, very good tri suit. The zip is long for great ventilation during the run. The pad is extremely comfortable and the material is nice and taunt. The design is really good looking – I just couldn’t be happier! Thanks!” – Paul McTaggert

“I am very impressed with the flexibility and fit of this suit. I have never written a review before but I felt I had to share my experience. It is so much better than my Orca from 2 years ago that chafed me every time. The Adrenaline never chafed in the ca 10 swims I have done so far. You can’t go wrong with this suit.” – Jamie Rango

“I can only compare this suit to what I have which is a B70 Helix. Little small for me so I ordered the M1. First swim I could tell it was more flexible than my other suit. It let a little more water in than I like, but I was doing flip turns in the pool. My first impressions were that it was okay, but not sure much better than the B70. Used my B70 the next day same distance and I was 2 minutes slower in it than the Synergy suit. Time and speed trumps all with the same effort so I am sold. I didn’t feel like I was that much faster, but the clock doesn’t lie. This suit is also very buoyant. It also comes off very easy. I am impressed and would recommend it.” – Daniel Martin

“This is a really, really good tri suit. I used it for 3 tri’s this year already and it not only fits perfectly, it looks great too. The pad is very comfortable and I didn’t notice it at all during the run.” – Bob

“Love my new wetsuit ….i have always used the full body suit ….Not anymore , the price was great, delivery fast even though it was international shipping, very happy with this product and service, thank you!” – Grace

“This is a very, very good suit. Great fit, good quality, nice stitching. I used it for my first triathlon and the pockets were great for my nutrition. I couldn’t be happier.” – Adrian McCleary

“An absolutely terrific wetsuit at an unbelievable bargain! Wore this for my first tri at Eagleman this last weekend so my experience with wetsuits is very limited, but this baby worked like a charm. Great flotation, very easy to get on and off during transition, good seal around the neck and arms so very little water actually got inside the suit throughout the swim. Seams are very durable and are taped on the inside at the seam junctions.Couldn’t ask for a better product or a better company to purchase from. I’ll be shopping here for all my wetsuit needs in the future.” – Todd

“Great price for what appears to be very good quality. i searched many different products for good reviews and good price. Shipping was very quick. I’m very pleased thus far.” – Satisfied Customer

“I bought this for my first full IM distance tri. I have the Hybrid full sleeve, but I wanted a relatively inexpensive sleeveless wetsuit (water was going to be about 65’F). Easy to get in and zipped, kept me warm enough without overheating, great fit, allows full arm mobility for front crawl (some minor arm movement restriction for breast stroke on the recovery stretch, however …) and full breathing, fast in the water. Great price.” – Michael

“I’m very pleased with my Synergy tri suit. Well fitting and well designed.” – Satisfied Customer

“My boyfriend bought this triathlon wetsuit for me last summer for my training suit. I love the second-skin-fit which compresses my figure from neckline to ankle yet allows maximum flexibility and movement.” – Tiffany

“Ordered from Australia my Synergy Endorphin Quick John received it in 4 days that included the weekend, great service. Had 2 swims in my suit & is as good as expected just what I needed easy to get in & out of, thanks again.” – Heath

“Initially I was very hesitant about purchasing online (size issues etc) but with the great offer of returning to base for an exchange if needed I felt I had nothing to lose. I am soooooo pleased with the suit. It is AWESOME!! I purchased a size W3,(height-162cm, weight-82kg) perfect fit,feels great, comfy as, looks great. I can’t wait until my next swim. Such great communication and speedy delivery. I couldn’t be happier. I thank customers whom have placed feedback/reviews as they also helped me make my decision. CONGRATULATIONS for making my shopping experience positively memorable.” – Helen

“Finally found a shorty wetsuit that fits. Yes!” – Satisfied Customer

“This is my second Synergy wetsuit (have the Endorphin QuickJohn) and really appreciated the features and quality/care that went into the suit; comparable to others costing twice as much. Buoyancy is very good and suit feels fast/flexible. Live in Canada and always wary about buying online in other countries. Wetsuitoutlet doesn’t disappoint. Great service (they held the size L1 while I placed my order online) and the product arrived within a week (ground parcel) as describe. Happy swimmer here! Thanks guys!” – Mike Porter

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“It’s been a long while since I purchased a good Tri specific wetsuit.I race enough to warrant a new one, but not so much that I needed to spend hundreds.Given the fantastic reputation, reviews, and bang for the buck of the Synergy brand,I started to see I could not go wrong with a Synergy Endorphin. But I was dead in the middle of two sizes, and calling customer service and working through the details with some of WO’s staff was a huge help! That alone will keep me from purchasing anywhere else. My suit came fast, packaged well, and fits perfect so far. Knowing I got it from a reputable place that really paid attention to my needs, and had a top-notch warranty on top of it all, made it an fantastic experience. Sharing Wetsuit Outlet with everyone I race with. Keep up the great work and thanks again Wetsuit Outlet.” – Jake K.

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